My First Volume - 2/5


We want the paddle shifted 30 cm in z relative to the target (0,0,0):

$detector{"pos"}         = "0*cm 0*cm 30*cm";
$detector{"rotation"}    = "0*deg 0*deg 0*deg";

The type of geant4 solid is “box”. Since we want to study two versions of it, a short and a long one, its dimensions depend on the variation name. Notice how units are specified:

$detector{"type"} = "Box";

if($configuration{"variation"} eq "short")
  $detector{"dimensions"}  = "2*cm 2*cm 4*cm";
if($configuration{"variation"} eq "long")
  $detector{"dimensions"}  = "2*cm 2*cm 10*cm";

The material of this paddle is a predefined geant4 material:

$detector{"material"}    = "G4_GLASS_LEAD";

The color entry is a 6 digit hexadecimal number that represents Red, Green and Blue weights from 0 to 255 each in the form: RRGGBB. Let’s make it blue/greenish:

$detector{"color"}       = "339999";

Finally, the volume is set to “visible” (0 would be “invisible”) and the style to “solid” (0 would be “wireframe”):

$detector{"visible"}     = 1;
$detector{"style"}       = 1;

Easy right? looks even easier, since we can omit position (defaulted at (0, 0, 0), rotation and visibility (defaulted at 1).

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