Release 2.7

Libraries Version

  • geant4: 4.10.03.p02

  • qt: 5.10.1

  • clhep:


The mlibrary is a collection of highly optimized, specialized stand-alone c++ 11 libraries that fashion gemc into a object oriented framework.

Some functionality of gemc 2.X is being replaced by these libraries. Others are being prepared for release 3.0.

The documentation for the mlibrary can be found here.

Additional Options

  • added FILTER_NULL_VARIABLES option. If set to one, do not write empty variables in the output.

  • added option RFSTART: Radio-frequency time model. Available options are:

    • “eventVertex, 0, 0, 0” (default): the RF time is the event start time + the light time-distance of the first particle from the point (0,0,0)

    • “eventTime”…………………: the RF time is identical to the event start time

  • added DISPLACE_FIELDMAP and ROTATE_FIELDMAP options to displace and rotate a field map


  • fixed case where GEMC_DATA_DIR environment does not exist

  • reintroduced material name in the gui

  • fixed 10 and 20 cases for FASTMCMODE in physics list

  • addition of 3D field map in cartesian coordinates


  • added PRODUCTIONCUTFORVOLUMES option. It is a list of volumes that will be assigned a production cut (in mm, last element of the list). Example:

    • PRODUCTIONCUTFORVOLUMES=”outerMount, taggerInnerShield, outerFlange, outerMount, nut1, main-cone, DSShieldFrontLead, 100” will set the production cut for those volumes to 10 cm.

  • detectors and cad factory can read the env variable “GEMC_DATA_DIR” as a base path in the gcard

For the complete list of all changes please visit the changelog.