Release 2.6

Libraries Version

  • geant4: 4.10.03.p02

  • qt: 5.8.0

  • clhep:


The mlibrary is a collection of highly optimized, specialized stand-alone c++ 11 libraries that fashion gemc into a object oriented framework.

Some functionality of gemc 2.X is being replaced by these libraries. Others are being prepared for release 3.0.

The documentation for the mlibrary can be found here.


  • FASTMCMODE option:

  • 0: No FASTMC (default).

  • 1: Disable secondaries (5m production cut) and set high (5m) max step in sensitive detectors

  • 2: Disable all physics but transportation.

More details on the FAST MC mode can be found here.

Processes Catalogue

  • added anti_neutronInelastic

  • added Scintillation in the process catalogue. Added verbosity condition to print not catalogue pro

  • added ionInelastic process

Hit rejection mechanism

  • added a boolean variable “rejectHitConditions” in the digitization hit process. It can be set to false to skip saving a hit to disk. Examples of reasons:

    • threshold

    • inefficiency

    • bad status

    • voltage was turned off

Additional Options

  • added option SKIPNGEN to skip N generated events


  • added magnetic field information in MHit. This will give access to it to all sensitive detector hit process routines.

  • loading field info in MHit

  • Added vacuumOpt material - vacuum with optical property. Addressing issue #64.

  • making cameras slices more responsive

  • added culling combo option in the GUI

  • added button to show 100cm long axes


  • added Birk Constant properties in material factory

  • added reading mirrors Sigma Alpha. Fixed backward compatibility for materials.

  • adding property sigmaAlpha in optical surfaces

  • added sigmaAlpha in verbosity log

  • added Birk Constant properties in material factory

  • added option G4FIELDCACHESIZE to set the geant4 field cache size.

  • added G4SynchrotronRadiation process, off by default, activated with option SYNRAD

  • added G4SynchrotronRadiationInMat. SYNRAD option activate that one if it is set to 2.


  • if one uses the /gun/particle /gun/ion command then we make sure not to overwrite those values

  • added option ION_P: Option ION_P: Primary particle is an ion. Sets Z, A and Charge State of the primary particle. Setting the charge state is optional.

  • Example 1: -ION_P=”6 12” sets the Z to 6, A to 12. Charge will be Z.

  • Example 2: -ION_P=”6 12 4” sets the Z to 6, A to 12, and charge to 4.

Notice: BEAM_P still sets the particle momentum, and its type must be GenericIon. For example:

-BEAM_P="GenericIon, 4*GeV, 90*deg, 0*deg"
  • added beagle open file in primary generator for ascii

  • stopping run manager if no more events in the LUND or BEAGLE format

  • routine to set generated particle from input file more general

  • Maurik Holtrop: fixed vertex spread

  • added optional argument (appended at the end) to BEAM_P: “KE” can specify that the momentum is kinematic energy instead. For example, to simulate a K=250 MeV proton:

    -BEAM_P="proton, 250*MeV, 90*deg, 90*deg, KE"

FADC Mode 1

  • 1st version of FADC Mode1 output

Background Merging

  • option to load background hits from ascii file: for example random trigger hits from a real experiment

For the complete list of all changes please visit the changelog.