GEMC Dowloads

Mac OS app (DMG)
Version OS Version Size  
2.5 10.10 and up 498 MB download2.5at10
2.4 10.10 and up 484 MB download2.4at10

Fedora Line
Version OS Version Size  
2.5 23   coming soon!
2.5 >=23   Getting and compiling gemc

Ubuntu Line
Version OS Version Size  
2.5 14.04   coming soon!
2.5 >=14.04   Getting and compiling gemc

Geometry Downloads

text factory experiment tarball. Includes the clas12 detectors, the hps beamline, the cebaf bubble experiment, the bdx setup, beamline and detectors of the electron-ion colloider (eic).

Running the GEMC app on a mac

You may have to allow to open apps from any developer to run gemc.

Using the gemc app icon:

  • Drag and drop a gcard on the GEMC icon in the application directory:

Using the command line

You can use the gemc.command on a terminal to run gemc, using the typical options and gcard:

/Applications/   gcard

You can also add gemc options to the command line. To get a list of options you can use the help as usual. For example, to get the generator help:

/Applications/ -help-generator

while “-help-all” will list all the available options.

Magnetic Fields

Some experiment require magnetic field maps. For example, clas12 field maps are located here:

In case of dmg installation, download and move the maps to:

For example:

mv ~/Downloads/clas12SolenoidFieldMap.dat.txt /Applications/

In case of installation from source code, unpack in:


GEMC Release Notes

For release notes and the complete changelog see release notes.