GEMC Downloads

Mac OS app (DMG)
Version OS Version Size  
2.6 10.10 and up 498 MB download2.6at10
2.5 10.10 and up 498 MB download2.5at10

Running the GEMC app on a mac

You may have to allow to open apps from any developer to run gemc.

Using the gemc app icon:

  • Drag and drop a gcard on the GEMC icon in the application directory:

Using the command line

You can use the gemc.command on a terminal to run gemc, using the typical options and gcard:

/Applications/   gcard

You can also add gemc options to the command line. To get a list of options you can use the help as usual. For example, to get the generator help:

/Applications/ -help-generator

while “-help-all” will list all the available options.

Magnetic Fields

Some experiment require magnetic field maps. For example, clas12 field maps are located here:

In case of dmg installation, download and move the maps to:

For example:

mv ~/Downloads/clas12SolenoidFieldMap.dat.txt /Applications/

In case of installation from source code, unpack in:


GEMC Release Notes

For release notes and the complete changelog see release notes.